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There is still time to get the tools that will make the difference for you on the June 4th state exam! Both the Critical Knowledge and General Knowledge workbooks are ready to ship by UPS and, in most instances, you will receive materials the day after you order.          DO IT NOW!!

The refined, revised, expanded and updated Critical Knowledge Workbook has 50 Critical Knowledge scenarios with over 300 questions with answer keys.

Composing challenging CK scenarios and questions, then correlating the answers to the questions with page numbers from the 2016 state study guide so you know WHY an answer is what it is – these are the things that set Pass My Notary apart as THE state standard for exam preparation. These are the things that are not offered anywhere else!

Additionally, the latest edition of the General Knowledge (Multiple Choice) workbook is complete and has begun shipping to folks across the state.

Sharon W., who is preparing for the June 4th exam, had this to say about the General Knowledge workbook:

“I just want to say how helpful this workbook has been in preparing for the exam in June. I have been so excited to go through the scenarios and understand more completely what I am expected to do on the test.“

As always, these are shipped FREE by UPS and also as always, purchasers of PMN materials get access to Fred Davis via email and will get any new material created before the test.


For more than EIGHT years, Pass My Notary has helped many achieve their goal of obtaining a notarial commission. Misty F., who passed the December 2015 exam says:

“Mr. Davis: I PASSED!! Thanks so much for all of your help. I am already giving out your name to my fellow abstractors who are going to take a stab at the exam in June!”


What is Pass My Notary?

Pass My Notary was developed to help candidates prepare for the difficult and challenging statewide Louisiana Notary Public examination. Each of the Pass My Notary products provides specific strategies to understanding each component of the exam: multiple choice (general knowledge) and scenario (critical knowledge).

Our products and strategies include comprehensive and invaluable workbooks with samples, examples and rigorous practice exercises, along with answer keys to track your progress. When you become part of the Pass My Notary community, you have opportunity and personal access to Pass My Notary founder, Fred W. Davis, for supplemental instruction and encouragement. Additionally, twice annually – usually several weeks before a scheduled Notary exam – an intensive seminar workshop is conducted to offer further insight and preparation for this challenging examination. You can get more specific, detailed information about all the tools we offer under Our Products.

See our testimonial page to get additional firsthand accounts of how Pass My Notary distinguishes itself from the other guys as the best in Notary Exam preparation! Our indispensable tools are updated twice a year for the most current and relevant information and always arrive to you by PRIORITY MAIL with FREE SHIPPING. Buy Now!

Be sure to check the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website for future exam dates and information.

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